How to use the content

Know the whole picture of development using Nablarch

Refer to the Nablarch System Development Guide.

This guide is a bird’s eye view of the entire system development using Nablarch.

This guide introduces Nablarch contents and how to use them for each process in waterfall development. There are links to each document in the guide, but please do not click first, but read through the guide to get the whole picture. When starting development, refer to the linked contents and Training Contents(Only Japanese Edition) to learn the details of how to proceed and how to implement efficiently.

Know about the Nablarch application framework

Know about overview of Nablarch

Refer to the Nablarch overview (learning time is about 20 minutes) in Training Content.
If you want to know more details, please refer to What is Nablarch Application Framework? in the manual.

Know about the development image of Nablarch

Refer to Getting Started for each execution control infrastructure.

Upgrade Nablarch

Nablarch maintains backward compatibility of the public API, and basically no modification occurs in the source code of the application when upgrading the version.

The configuration file may need to be modified, but the changes are localized and do not involve extensive modifications throughout the system.
*In some unavoidable cases, such as bugs that cannot be fixed without breaking compatibility, the application code may need to be modified.

When upgrading, if the application settings or source code are affected, the release notes will describe how to change them.
When upgrading, please check the “Possible system impact” column of the release notes(Only Japanese Edition) to determine the impact on the target system and whether or not it needs to be addressed.

Try Nablarch

Nablarch is ready to run on your PC environment.

Perform the initial setup procedure for each execution platform described in Blank Project in the manual.
Once the initial setup is complete, a blank project will be created containing the communication check function, and you can freely add functions to the blank project.

The blank project is a base for development and does not contain the implementation of the application.
If you want to get an idea of how to implement a working application, please refer to Example in the manual.