This document is a guideline that developers should follow when creating design documents and program code.
Some development standard documentation is also available for architects.
The Nablarch Development Standard includes various design document formats.
By adhering to the Nablarch Development Standard, developers will be able to efficiently create design documents and programs optimized for Nablarch.
In addition, it is possible to suppress variations in deliverable quality among developers, which often causes problems in large-scale backbone systems.

The Nablarch Development Standard consists of the following four contents.

Content name Overview
Development Process Standard(Only Japanese Edition) Work process in system development using Nablarch.
Application Development Standard Standard documents required for application development such as UI standards, Coding Standard, and Unit Test Standard
Design Document Format & Sample(Only Japanese Edition) Design document format and samples used during application development.
Development Process Support Tool Source code automatic generation, design document automatic generation, etc.,Support tools for streamlining the development process

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