What is Nablarch?

Nablarch is a Java application development and execution platform that integrates the knowledge gained from extensive experience of TIS in building mission-critical systems.


Rich content

Nablarch provides not only frameworks but also development standards, development tools and guides as open source as a Java application development / execution platform.

  • Content that achieves high productivity and high quality
    • Reduce learning costs by adopting a common architecture for all execution control platforms, including web and batch.
    • Automated testing framework using Excel to significantly reduce testing man-hours.
    • Improving the quality of development deliverables by providing static analysis tools.
    • High productivity from the beginning of the project by providing ready-to-use development guides and environment setup guides.
    • By providing development standards (Guidelines for developers to follow when creating design documents and program code. Ex design standards, coding conventions, design document formats, etc.) improving the quality and uniformity of development deliverables.

Large number of installations

Nablarch has a proven experience in system development and operation of various sizes.
Nablarch can realize high quality system backed by those experiences.

Installation Results:

  • Number of companies using the system = 53
  • Number of installed systems = 83 (as of October 2021)

Industry/Industry Composition:

Focus on stability

Nablarch focuses on the long term stability of the applications it develops.

  • In order to be able to use the latest middleware, Java follows the LTS (Long Term Support), and DB/AP servers are periodically checked for operation with the latest stable version.
  • In order to minimize the quality risk of third party products, the basic parts such as execution control and DB access are developed by scratch.
  • In order to minimize application modifications when upgrading Nablarch, we will maintain backward compatibility as much as possible.

Security support

Nablarch has taken the following three security measures to prevent / address vulnerabilities.

  • Ensuring quality without embedded vulnerabilities
    • We are building quality that does not embed vulnerabilities.
    • We conduct security checks published by OWASP and IPA to ensure quality in terms of security.
  • Receiving and responding to vulnerability notifications of dependent libraries via GitHub
    • We receive vulnerability notifications of dependent libraries from GitHub, and investigate and respond to them.
  • Vulnerability information collection and response by JPCERT/CC
    • We receive vulnerability reports directly from JPCERT/CC, and complete the vulnerability response before the public announcement to prevent zero-day attacks.
    • We work with our internal security department to determine our response policy.

Full range of support services (paid)

Nablarch has a unique feature of “no EOSL”.

As long as the customer continues the paid contract, they can continue to use the relevant version of Nablarch. This avoids the situation where the system has to be completely upgraded for EOSL, or where a huge amount of modification work and regression testing man-hours are required for version upgrades. This allows the system to continue to operate in a planned and stable manner for a long period of time. For more information about Support Services, please click here(Only Japanese Edition).


Nablarch framework and documents are provided under the Apache License 2.0.