Sample of definitions of “Done” (Project C)

Done (items completed in each sprint)


  • Automated testing with JUnit
    • Execution of all test cases must be successful.
    • Coverage (C1 branch coverage) must be confirmed.
    • Coverage should generally be 100% for Form/Service/Util classes
    • Coverage does not need to be measured for bean, Dto, Dao, Entity and Constants classes as they are covered in tests of the class from the reference source.
    • The Config class is not included in automatic testing as these are settings files.
    • The Controller class is within the scope of Selenide automation.
  • The stories covered in the sprint must pass all tests of integration between the stories.
  • UI testing (Selenide)
    • Execution of all test cases must be successful.
    • Perspectives for integration verifications (scenarios and data patterns) must be covered.
    • Output items for all loaded screens must be inspected.
    • The authentication and authorization features must operate correctly.
    • The supported browser is Chrome. (Back Office System)
  • UI testing (Jest UI testing for smartphone apps)
    • Only the appearance (HTML) can be confirmed; operations cannot be confirmed.

Other testing

  • Data must be obtained in accordance with quality indicators.
  • The screen layout in the following browsers must be confirmed.
    • Back Office System(IE11)
  • The following design documents must be created and updated. (mainly the sections concerning UI.)
    • Screen list
    • Error message list
    • External design documents
  • No errors with a high severity left in static analysis. (Checkstyle/FindBugs)
  • Operations and layout must be confirmed using an emulator.
    • iPhone 5S (to confirm that no areas are cut off when using the model with the smallest screen size.)
    • Android 7.0 (Nexus5) (because Android7 has the largest market share (33.54%) as of February 21, 2018.)
  • Operations and layout must be confirmed on actual devices. (any model can be used as variance between devices will be confirmed in variation testing.)
    • iPhone7
    • Android7.1.1(XPERIA SOV35)
  • DML for operation (review) of the developed features must be created and confirmed.

Undone (items that are not completed in each sprint)

Quality indicators

  • The quality indicators that have been agreed upon must be met.


  • Test execution and storing of test result documents.
    • Scenario testing
    • Recovery testing
    • Implementation testing
    • Performance testing
    • Stress testing/volume testing
    • Long-run testing
    • Security testing
    • Variation testing for smartphones
    • User acceptance testing (UAT)
    • Testing after connecting to host
      • Scenario testing
      • Performance testing
      • Recovery testing (no response from network or host application)
      • Implementation testing (lockouts, etc.)


  • Creation of design documents and review by a party outside the development team.
    • Basic specifications (architecture design)
    • List of OSS used
    • Screen list
    • Message list
    • Code design documents
    • ID system
    • Interface design documents
    • External design documents
    • List of installation procedures document
    • List of service and function
    • Service overview and business flowchart
    • Table definitions
    • Report definitions
    • Operational procedures (for internal use)
    • Release plan

Internal events

  • Information security management review
  • Risk checking of new products
  • Web application diagnostics
  • Internal meeting for release judgment
  • Requests to apply in smartphone app stores
    • App Store
    • Google Play