• To clearly define the delivery conditions of a product or task and to ensure the transparency of deliverables.
  • To share delivery conditions among the team and prevent variance in quality between team members.

About the definition of “Done”

  • The definition of “Done” indicates what creators need to do in order to release a product.
    (These differ from the acceptance criteria set for delivery to the product owner.)
  • Tasks are grouped into two categories: “Done” and “Undone”.
  • Tasks that can be done in the current sprint are classified as “Done” and those that will be difficult to do in the current sprint, such as security testing or load testing, are classified as “Undone”.
  • “Undone” tasks are performed as stories (tasks classified as “Done” are not indicated in stories).
  • The team must work to reduce the “Undone” tasks, as it is risky to have too many tasks that are “Undone”.



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