Sample of definitions of “Done” (Project A)


Standard sprints

  • The completion conditions indicated on each story ticket are met.
  • All bugs are fixed or the time when each bug will be addressed is written on the ticket for the corresponding issue.
    (if a bug may be “Undone”, this should be written on the issue.)
  • The deliverable has passed a code review.

Perspectives in code reviews (excerpt)

Perspective Explanation
The business requirements must be met.
(Check the application by actually running.)
The completion conditions indicated on the ticket must be met .(the conditions indicated in external design documents must be met.)
All points in the business Q&A must be resolved.
The coding conventions must be met. There must be no ESList static check errors. (items to be corrected must be separated from those that do not need to be corrected).
The wiki coding conventions must be met.
Tasks must not be left in the list. TODO and FIXME tasks that are no longer needed must not be left.
Comments must be suitable. The content of comments must be appropriate for the process.
The judgment details must not differ or be inverted.
Availability must be taken into account. Deliverables must be at a level where they can be understood by a third party and the creator is confident in the quality.
There must be no unnecessary loop processes. Deliverables must not contain any loop processes that are not needed.
Even when performance requirements are not clearly defined,
it is important to be conscious of performance and not write superfluous processes.

Test sprints

  • All code is merged with develop branches.
  • The pass conditions of all unit test cases are met.
  • Evidence linked to cases has been obtained.