This document describes sprint execution procedures to be carried out by the team working on system development.
Detailed procedures are described for scrum teams who are working on scrum development for the first time or are not used to the process.
Please use this guide to make improvements within your team based on factors such as the status of the project and the skills of the team members.

Basic rules and premise

The basic rules and premise of team operations are as follows.


  • A scrum team consists of a product owner, scrum master and development team.
    • For contract development, a product manager takes the place of a product owner.
  • It is presumed that the development team has 7±2 members.
  • It is recommended to carry out tasks in pairs.
    • This is not to force teams to use pair programming but to ensure sufficient accuracy in quality checks and completion checks.
    • However, pair programming is strongly recommended for the tasks that is difficult or implemented for the first time.

Operational procedures


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This document is provided under the international Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license.