Preparation of Setup Guide for Development Environment

Guides are prepared to help developers setup a local development environment.

The main contents of the descriptions are as follows.

  • Prerequisites
    • PC specifications required for development
    • OS version
  • Software to be installed
    • Supply source
    • Version, edition
  • If special settings are required, the setting method and setting values
    • Proxy settings, etc.

Since the installation procedure given in the official Website is often sufficient, detailed steps such as screenshots are not required. It is created based on the presence of special procedures and the proficiency of the project members.

The main software that may be used are as follows.

Item Product example
JDK AdoptOpenJDK, OracleJDK
RDBMS PostgreSQL, Oracle Database
Build tools Maven, Gradle
IDE Eclipse, IntelliJ
Version control tools Git, SVN
Browser Chrome
Data modeling tool Object Browser ER

The image of the actual guide is shown below.

xxx Project development environment construction guide


PC specifications for development

Required/Recommended Item Spec
Required OS Windows 10 Pro 64bit
Required CPU Core i7-8550U or higher
Required Memory 8GB or more
Required Office Microsoft Office 2010
Recommended Monitor Full HD or higher
Recommended Disc SSD

Development environment construction procedure

Item Name Version, edition, etc. Supply source
JDK AdoptOpenJDK OpenJDK 8 (LTS) HotSpot Windows x64
RDBMS PostgreSQL PostgreSQL Portable v10.4.1
Build tools Apache Maven 3.6.1
IDE IntelliJ Community Edition
Version control tools Git 2.21.0 for Windows
Browser Chrome
Data modeling tool SI Object Browser ER SI Object Browser ER 18

(Use in-house license)