TIS Development Platform Center provides content that can be used to improve productivity and quality when designing and developing Java applications.

When developing Java applications, an underlying framework is usually used.
TIS mainly uses the following two frameworks.

  • Nablarch
    A Java application development and execution platform that integrates the knowledge gained from extensive experience of TIS in building mission-critical systems.
    See Nablarch for details.
  • Spring Framework
    Open source Java application framework.
    For more information, please visit the official Spring Framework website.

The content provided by the TIS Development Platform Center includes both Nablarch/Spring Framework-dependent content and framework-independent content.
Below is a list of the content and framework dependencies we provide.

These contents are expected to improve productivity and quality in the design and development of Java applications.

List of the content

content Nablarch Spring FW-independent
Runtime Framework
Testing framework
expanded functionality
Sample Implementation Examples
A sample showing the correspondence between the design document and the source code
Development guide How to proceed with the entire system development process
Framework manual
Implementation Guide for Programmers
Development standards Requirements Definition Framework
Test Types & Viewpoints Catalog
Overall Test Plan Guide
Development Process Standards
Application Development Standards
Coding Standards *1
Design Document Format & Sample
Application Architecture Design Document Sample
Checklist of completion conditions for Programming and Unit testing work
Development Tools DBA Work Support Tools
Development Process Support Tool

(Template for building a team development environment)

Service Development Engineering Guide For Service Development *2
Service Development reference for SPA + REST API configuration *2

*1 Thymeleaf conventions and SQL conventions assuming MyBatis are included. Java conventions and JavaScript conventions refer to FW-independent ones.
*2 An example implementation using Nablarch is included for reference, but the content does not depend on Nablarch.