This document explains the topics that need to be considered during the overall test planning process for application development projects.
This document was created so that personnel involved in application development can better understand how to make an overall test plan, with the aim of avoiding situations in which only certain personnel know how to do this.
This document is suitable for application development projects. Some sections of this document presume that “Test Type & Viewpoint Catalog” (reference material) will be used.

See “1. About this document” for details.


1. About this document

2. About overall test plans

3. Points to be confirmed before considering on an overall test plan

4. Explanation of topics that need to be considered

4.1. Test policies

4.2. Position of test phases

4.3. Coverage policies

4.4. Scope of testing

4.5. Test environments

4.6. Team structure

4.7. Tasks and allocation of roles

4.8. Schedule

4.9. Management policies

5. Position of overall test plan

6. Sources

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