This sheet is used to assign roles for waterfall development so that none of the necessary tasks are missed. It also helps that no misunderstandings occur between teams about the work that is required, enables risks to be detected early and prevents problems from growing. This sheet is designed for assignment of roles within the team structure that is typical in waterfall development projects (PM/PMO, business application team, application platform team, infrastructure team, operation team). Assign roles according to the scale and structure of each project.

How to use this document

  • Use the “Premise” sheet to determine the team strucure and then fill in the roles of each team on the “Detailed role assignment” sheet.
  • Roles can be added or removed according to the characteristics of each project.
  • The rows in the “Category” and “Subcategory” columns are used to summarize tasks, while the “Specific task” column summarizes each task to be performed by each team.

Accessing this document

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