A Checklist of completion conditions for Programming and Unit testing work is used by developers to confirm the completion conditions for Programming and Unit testing work in system development using Java.

This checklist can also be used to prevent misunderstanding of the scope of a project, as the completion conditions for Programming and Unit testing work can be discussed beforehand based on the situation of each project and agreed upon by everyone involved. For example, this checklist can be used to agree on completion conditions for a contracted development project before commencing the project, to prevent situations in which different people have a different understanding of the scope of the contracted work after the project begins.

This checklist presumes that JUnit will be used in unit tests, but doesn’t depend on any other specific frameworks, so it can be used widely in Java-based system development.

How to use this checklist

  • Before using this checklist for a project, confirm the points to be checked and customize the checklist to suit the needs of your project.
  • Define how to use this checklist based on factors such as your development system and development process, and share that information with those involved in the project before using this checklist.

The Programmers Self Checklist contains points for a detailed check of the results of Programming and Unit testing work.
A check using the Programmers Self Checklist is one of the points in this checklist.

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