Product overview: GeneXus

GeneXus is a low-code development platform from Uruguayan provider GeneXus S.A. The biggest point that sets GeneXus apart from other platforms is its ability to automatically generate models from abstract models.

Development from abstract models

GeneXus contains an inference engine. When conceptual data structures or business rules are written in objects called transactions, the engine automatically generates corresponding models.

The user then completes the application by adding detailed user interface and/or logic to the models that have been generated. Models can be repeatedly generated from abstract models. GeneXus determines the areas in the models that are affected when an abstract model is changed and apply necessary changes to the models. GeneXus also has a feature to automatically move data if a physical table structure is changed as a result of changes to a conceptual data model in the abstract model layer.

Universal Relation Assumption

GeneXus assumes that item attributes with the same name are the same concept, and automatically links them. For example, if the same item name exists in two tables, a foreign key is set automatically.
For this reason, the following naming rules need to be followed.

  • Items that are conceptually equivalent must all have the same name.
  • Items with different concepts must not be given the same name.

Use of one source multi use

Model layers in GeneXus are not dependent on source code language (Java, C#, etc.).
Two source code generators are provided to output source code from models (Java and C#).
It is possible to output both Java and C# source code from one model.

Flexibility of screen design

In addition to a feature for making fine adjustments to object positions and decorations in automatically generated screens, GeneXus has a feature to directly edit the HTML source code of the screens.
Users can also use their own CSS.

Flexibility and extensibility of logic

Processing logic is written in a script language specific to GeneXus, using the text editor. As the logic is written in script, it is presumably possible to express more complex logic than graphical models in flowchart format.
It is also possible to include code implemented in Java. The logic can be extended with original components prepared in Java or C#, and existing materials written in Java or C# can be reused.

Situations where GeneXus is effective

Below are the benefits of GeneXus and the situations it is suited to.

  • Strong feature for automatically applying changes to abstract models.
    ->Ideal for situations where development needs to start before specifications such as data models are decided.
  • Models are not environment-dependent and the output language can be specified.
    ->Ideal for outputting Java and C# for one source multi use situations.
  • No billing to execution environment.
    ->Ideal when developing package products.

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