About us

Introducing the Technology & Innovation SBU of TIS Inc. which sponsors Fintan.
The Technology & Innovation SBU is an organization that takes the role of leading “innovation” toward the entire company and the TIS INTEC Group with “technology”.

/* Mission */
Our Mission

/* Mission */
Our Mission

We are a group of engineers, designers, and new business developers who work as a company-wide cross-organization.

With “Create and Boost Business with Technology” as our slogan, we are working under three missions centered on [technology].

Technology&Inovation SBU

Create and Boost Business with Technology.

/* 3 Mission */

Strengthening company-wide business through engineering and UX/UIdesign

Research and development of technologies that will be the core of future business

Launching new businesses that are expected to grow in the future using advanced technology



{ Salmon with Fintan }

Fintan is the name of the salmon of wisdom that appears in Celtic mythology.
It is said that if you eat it, you can get all the wisdom of the world, and the hero who ate this is said to have solved all the difficult problems by using that wisdom.
We named it Fintan with the hope that users will gain all the wisdom of system development.


/* About Fintan */
About Fintan

Fintan was launched to provide value to the success of PJ we are involved in and the stakeholders around us by sharing the know-how gained in our technological research and development activities both inside and outside the company.We provide research results, PJ promotion practices, development plates, templates and samples of deliverables, and dissemination of our activities.

<Value provided by Fintan>
・Improving development productivity by reusing content
・Productivity improvement and quality improvement by having a common understanding among stakeholders

Currently, in addition to the Technology & Innovation SBU, the know-how of organizations with various technological capabilities of the TIS INTEC Group is open to the public at Fintan.