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This is a list of Fintan contents.
Classification is based on SWEBOK V3.0.

Technical Research
Technical Report
Technology to support question-and-answer systems: Extracting and utilizing knowledge 日本語
Elemental Technologies and Applications of Knowledge Graphs 日本語
Technologies for Structuring Texts: Indigenous Expression Recognition 日本語
Improving the Performance of Eigen Expression Recognition Using Data Expansion and Linguistic Features 日本語
VirtualCollaboBase 日本語
New Business Development
Guide & Format
New Business Development Based On Stage Gate Process 日本語
Software Requirements
Guide & Format
Requirements Definition Framework 日本語
Requirements Definition Basic Training Text 日本語
Software Design
Nablarch Application Development Standard 日本語English
Nablarch Design Document Format & Sample 日本語
Nablarch ETL Designer 日本語
Guide & Format
Application Method Design Document Sample 日本語
Design training that “works” for engineers 日本語
Software Construction
Nablarch Application Framework 日本語English
Nablarch Coding Rules 日本語English
Nablarch System Development Guide 日本語English
DevOps Environment Building Kit Epona 日本語
Lerna High Availability Software Stack 日本語English
Oscana: Migration tool from SAStruts/Struts1 to Nablarch 日本語
Guide & Format
Checklist of completion conditions for Programming and Unit testing work 日本語English
Programmers Self Checklist 日本語English
Service Development reference for SPA + REST API configuration 日本語
Spring Application Development Know-how 日本語
Engineering Guide For Service Development 日本語
Mobile application security and authentication 日本語
Mobile applications push notification 日本語
Content for learning React Native 日本語
Case study & Report
Reports on evaluation of low-code development platforms 日本語English
Software Testing
Nablarch Testing Framework 日本語English
Nablarch Unit Test Standard 日本語English
Guide & Format
Mobile application distribution for testing 日本語
Overall test plan guide 日本語English
Test Type & Viewpoint Catalog 日本語
Software Configuration Management
Collaborage 日本語
Guide & Format
Configuration And Release Management Maturity Model 日本語
Elastic Stack Design Guide For Collecting, Storing And Searching Logs 日本語
Software Engineering Management
Guide & Format
Agile Assessment Sheet 日本語
Inception Deck Sample 日本語
Skill Map Guide 日本語English
Task Board Guide 日本語English
Working Agreements 日本語English
Criteria item list 日本語English
Multi-point estimation and scheduling practices 日本語
Practical guide to remote development for teams in multiple locations 日本語English
Development and execution environment stacks for teams in multiple locations 日本語English
Initiatives For Full Stack Engineer Training 日本語
Full Stack Engineer Maturity Model 日本語English
Software Engineering Process
Nablarch Development Process Standard 日本語
Guide & Format
Role assignment sheet for waterfall development 日本語English
Introduction To Scrum 日本語English
Practice Collection For Scrum Development 日本語English
Sprint Operation Guide 日本語English
Sprint Start Condition Checklist 日本語English
Sprint Visibility Check Guide 日本語English
The definition of “Done” 日本語English
Role Of Product Owner 日本語English

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