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1.About this document

The overall test planning guide (this document) provides guidelines when considering on an overall plan for testing.
It primarily explains topics specific to test planning that are not covered in project plans.

  • For the purposes of this document, “overall test planning” indicates the following work.
    • Deciding on overall testing policies for projects.
    • Deciding on the tests to be conducted for each phase.
      • In the case of iterative development, replace “phase” with the corresponding activity, iteration, sprint, etc.

1.1. Purpose

  • The purposes of this document are as follows.
    • To provide an insight into the importance of overall test planning.
    • To define the points that need to be considered during overall test planning and alleviate situations in which only specific people know how to make testing plans.

In many cases, the results of overall test planning can be documented as an overall test plan.
This document focuses not on how to write an overall test plan but on the content that should be included. However, overall test plans are an important topic to cover, since they are created for many projects.
These are explained in “5.Position of overall test plan“.

1.2. Concept

  • The concepts of this document are as follows.
    • This document is not dependent about a project, enabling cross-sectional use.
    • This document primarily explains topics specific to test planning.

1.3. Targets

1.3.1. Anticipated readers

  • The main targets of this document are as follows.
    • Personnel who will create or review overall test plans for projects consisting of new development, maintenance development or maintenance of applications.
      It is presumed that these personnel have experience in work such as creating test cases and executing tests.

1.3.2. Projects

  • While this document is intended for application development projects, it is not limited to any specific processing architecture (web application, batch application, etc.)

1.3.3. Content that is not covered

  • The following content is outside the scope of this document and is not covered.
    • Details on topics that tend to be covered in project plans. For example, policies on management such as progress management and quality control are often written in project plans, so these are not explained in detail in this document.
    • Indicators for estimates and quality.
      These are not covered as they are considered for each project based on details such as past performance figures.

1.4. How to use this document

This document can be used to consider on overall test plans.

  • Confirmation of points that need to be considered and information that needs to be collected in advance in order to establish an executable overall test plan.
  • Decision of the structure and content of the overall test plan.
  • Checking for superfluous or missing content in each chapter in self-checks and reviews after creating the overall test plan.
  • An educational material for personnel who have never established an overall test plan before.

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