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5.Position of overall test plan

This topic is necessary if you will document your overall test plan.
In this topic, you will establish the relationship between your overall test plan and your other documents and indicate the role and scope of your overall test plan.

Overview of points to be considered

Establish the position of your overall test plan, where you will document the considerations you have made during the overall test planning process.

Relationship between this topic and other topics in the overall test plan

This topic is mainly related to the following topics as shown below.

Relationship between this topic and other topics

Consideration method

      1. Check the list of the documents organized in the project plan.
        Make sure the following points are considered for the overall test plan.

        • Whether it will deliver
          • If it will not deliver, consider on the level of detail based about the project (skill level, budget, etc.)
        • Who will create it and who will approve it?
        • When creation of the plan will begin
      2. Check the following points for documents related to your overall test plan.
        • Whether each document will deliver
        • Who will create each document and who will approve it?
        • When creation of each document will begin
      3. Create a diagram to show the relationship between the documents after confirming these points.(recommend)
        • Upstream documents that provide input for the overall test plan
        • Downstream documents that will be created based on the overall test plan
        • Example of diagramConfirm the role of your overall test plan as a document.
  1. Decide on the scope that will be covered by the overall test plan.
    The overall test plan needs to cover the entire scope of testing that will take place in your project.
    If you will connect to external systems or testing will be done by the user department, establish whether this needs to be included in the overall test plan.
  2. Decide on the cases in which the contents of the overall test plan will be changed and the process that will be used to obtain approval of the changes.
    See “4.1. Test policies” for details on principles for cases where the plan needs to be changed.
  3. Consider on the following additional points.
    • The document security level (scope of disclosure) for the overall test plan and other documents
    • The method for managing the configuration of the overall test plan and related documents

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