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4.7. Tasks and allocation of roles

To determine whether the tests you have planned are viable, you need to establish the number of man-hours required for testing and the skills and authority level of the team members.
The requirements related to man-hours and the team members depends on the tasks that are necessary in order to conduct each test.
In this topic, you will identify the tasks and allocate roles.

Overview of points to be considered

You and the stakeholders need to agree on the tasks that are necessary in order to conduct each test after creating the overall test plan and how the roles will be allocated. You will use the points you consider on here when you consider on the schedule.
The details you agree on must include the following points.

  • Personnel responsible
  • The skills each person must have and any associated constraints
  • An estimate of the time and budget required for each task
  • The entry and exit criteria for each task and the dependency relationships between tasks

Relationship between this topic and other topics in the overall test plan

This topic is mainly related to the following topics as shown below.

Relationship between this topic and other topics

Consideration method

  • Identify tasks for each combination of test phases and test types and decide who will do them.
    • Identify all the tasks needed to complete each combination of test phases and test types. In addition to creating test cases and executing the tests, this includes building the test environment and checking the results.
    • Examples of tasks
      • Creating test plans for each phase and type
      • Creating test cases
      • Creating test code for automated tests
      • Preparing test data
      • Building test environments
      • Executing the tests
      • Checking the test results
      • Evaluating and reporting on test results
    • Examples of combinations of personnel responsible for tasks
      • Development team or user department
      • Maintenance or operation vendor for the system being developed, the vendor of a peripheral system or the user department


  • If a WBS has been created in the project plan, these decisions need to be consistent with the WBS.
    • If the WBS in the project plan has been written in enough detail and an agreement can be reached with the stakeholders through the WBS alone, you can simply check the project plan without writing these points in the overall test plan.

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