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4.6. Team structure

In this topic, you will consider on the stakeholders who will be involved in testing and the responsibilities, chain of command and training for each stakeholder.
Various stakeholders are involved in testing in addition to the user department, including tool vendors and personnel involved with team structure to which the tested components will be connected.
The efficiency and effectiveness of testing may suffer for some tests and tasks if stakeholders who have specific skills or authority cannot be involved.
The risks associated with testing can be reduced by notifying stakeholders in advance about how they need to be involved in tests and when and making preparations that will enable them to be involved in the way that is needed.
If these considerations were already made in the project plan, check that the points that have been considered are consistent with other topics in the overall test plan.

Overview of points to be considered

Confirm the team structure, roles and training plan for the test phases.

Relationship between this topic and other topics in the overall test plan

This topic is mainly related to the following topics as shown below.

Relationship between this topic and other topics

Consideration method

In many cases, the scope of the project plan is the project as a whole. If the team structure for testing were not considered in the project plan, consider them based on the team structure of the project and update the project plan.

Confirm that the following points have been considered, even if the information will not be used in the overall test plan.

  • Team structure and roles
    • Check that there are no omissions in the team structure and points of contact for the development team, user department and vendors of external team structure that will be linked.
      • Indicate information such as “the point of contact for progress in testing” and “the point of contact for specification changes and response to bugs”.
      • If packages or test tools will be used, indicate the point of contact for the vendor for purposes such as inquiries.
    • Check that the planned test types can be executed within the planned team structure.
      • Indicate the team structure for each test type.
    • Indicate the roles of the leader and team in the execution of the planned test types and in the test phases.
      • Indicate the roles and scope of responsibility of the development team, user department and vendors.
    • Indicate the people responsible for each task that is required for the planned test types.
      • The people responsible may include a supervisor, deputy supervisor, a checker and an approver.
  • Training plan
    • Training needs to be planned for the personnel required to conduct the tests.
      • Training is needed if the points such as the following are considered on for any test phase of team structure.
        • Cases in which team members without much testing experience or operational knowledge have been included in the team structure for training purposes
        • Cases in which it is not possible to allocate people who are skilled enough to perform the work without training
        • Cases in which some team members will be involved from a specific test phase


  • Examples of development teams
    • Application teams
    • Infrastructure teams
    • Operation teams
    • External connection teams
    • Migration teams
    • Project management teams
    • Test control teams
  • Examples of elements of training
    • Operational knowledge
      • Examples: workflow, business rules, business data, etc.
    • System knowledge
      • Examples: system overview, functional specifications, how to use the system, how to use operational tools, etc.
    • Test methods
      • Examples: how to execute tests, how to manage test results, how to manage bugs, how to use test tools, etc.

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