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Customization of UI Standards

UI standard (screen)

Customize the UI standard (screen) according to your requirements.
The main parts that need to be customized are as follows.

  • Modification of supported browsers (required)
  • Color scheme (or customization of color scheme of CSS framework)
  • Font (or customization of CSS framework font)
  • Area size (UI development base is described in px, but if you use a CSS framework that employs a grid, you need to rewrite to describe the assumption)

UI standard (screen) separate volume_UI parts catalog

Customize the UI standard (screen) separate volume_UI parts catalog according to your requirements.

  • Create a catalog for the specific set of parts that you will use within the CSS framework.
    The reasons for using the specific parts are as follows.

    • In the CSS framework, there may be several methods (components) to achieve a single function.
    • Depending on the component, because of its richness, there may be difficulty in converting HTML to JSP tags. This is because it is more productive to create a HTML design using only convertible parts.

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